OBO — Palace of Waiting | octoberXart Records rus01 2016

Alexey Kruglov — soprano & alto saxes, bassethorn, recorder, russian whistle, alto sax mouthpiece, prepared alto sax, prepared bassethorn

Anastasiya Masloboeva — voice, hammered dulcimer, psaltery, loops

Ángel Ontalva — guitar, bass, devices

Vasco Trilla — drums, percussion, toys

Music by OBO

Executive producer: Francisco Macías
Produced and mixed by Ángel Ontalva
Master by Amanda Pazos Cosse & Ángel Ontalva

Photos by Nina Ai-Artyan

You can order it both as a digital downolad/physical CD from Bandcamp website:

And, you can order it also from Discogs website: https://www.discogs.com/es/seller/octoberXart/profile


Нина Ай-Артян / Nina Ai-Artyan
Фотограф / Photographer

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